Sleep To Live Mattress Compared To Layla Mattress

We receive free products to test. We receive free products to review. Memory foam is growing in popularity. It is possible to search the Internet for memory foam mattresses. There are thousands of results.

Layla memory foam mattress ranks among the top-rated and most modern. It’s simple to turn over and is utilized with two different levels of firmness.

Layla Mattress Overview

Layla is well-known because of its ability to flip. Its ability to flip is very well-known. It’s also an innovative memory foam mattress.

 Layla mattress has an array of features and can be used in multiple sleeping positions. Layla customers prefer comfort and support on just one side.

The Layla mattress is perfect for those who want the most firm, yet cushiony mattress.

Side sleepers who need extraordinary pressure relief for their hips as well as shoulders

People who appreciate the classic memory foam feel that allows them to sink into

People who desire memory foam, but are concerned about overheating in the evening.

People who like mattresses that are medium firm.

People who are stomach sleepers with heavier weights and require more support

People who do not want to sink too deep in their mattresses

 Layla also produces hybrid mattresses, for those who feel that you don’t like memory foam

Layla Mattress Comfort and Firmness

 Layla has a unique mattress that is flippable. It also offers two levels of firmness

How firm is the Layla Mattresses?

The Layla features an extremely thick layer on the soft side, which is memory foam. It is 6/10. The Layla was named the top soft mattress due to its soft sides. On the flip side you’ll find an extremely thin layer of memory foam under and a more substantial support layer. This is the reason why the firm side feels firmer and feels more like an 8/10.

Layla Mattress

When we first lie down on the soft side of the Layla, we feel our hips sink into it. The soft side of the Layla does not provide enough support for the spine and lumbarSide sleeping on this Layla side is more comfortable. There is hardly any tension in our hips, shoulders or hips.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs -130 lbs

Layla’s firm side is more comfortable than the soft side for regular weight back sleepers. The firm side of the Layla is more comfortable for average weight back sleepers. However the soft side will provide adequate support.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Layla mattresses are suggested for back sleepers who are heavier. For those with larger bodies it is possible to sleep on the side. Sleeping on the hard side may not be sufficient for those who have larger stomachs.

Layla Mattress Construction

Let’s have a closer study of the Layla’s materials and how they affect the mattress’s experience. Each layer of the mattress that flips can be scrutinized individually.


Layla mattresses come with soft covers on both sides. Thermogel is a heat dissipating substance that is in the mattress. This will help keep the mattress’ top cool.

Comfort Layers

Layla’s mattress flips. It features comfort layers at both the top and bottom. There is no convoluted foam support.

Mattress Height

Layla mattress are 10 inches high.

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Layla Mattress Performance

 Layla mattress went through the testYou can see the results below.


 Layla an all-foam mattress will be more comfortable than hybrid or innerspring mattresses. The Layla’s copper infusion and Thermogel cover will keep the mattress’s top and bottom cool.

Motion Transfer

The Layla mattress was able to withstand motion transfer far more effectively than any other mattress. The water was not a problem. The firmer side of the Layla Mattress caused more disruptions, but not enough so that it was a significant problem.

Edge Support

The Layla mattress is made of foam and provides little edge support. The mattress will be quite unstable as you sit on its soft side. It doesn’t fall as much if we are sitting on its hard side. However, this type of position isn’t the most comfortable. We don’t feel secure lying down on the Layla mattress.


Layla mattresses feature premium foam layers. They can last for 7 to 10 years.


 When the Layla mattress was taken out of its packaging, it immediately off-gassedWe placed the mattress in a ventilated area for 48 hours.


The Layla produces very little sound when it’s moved about. This is a problem that we have with hybrid mattresses and innersprings however it isn’t the case with Layla all-foam mattresses.


Mattresses used for sex should be buoyant and receptive. The people who choose a mattress for sex need it to be comfortable and buoyant. Layla’s mattress has soft memory foam.

Layla Company policies

Are you tired of your mattress? Do you wish to buy an alternative? Layla’s policies will be clarified to you. The fine print may affect the purchase you make than you thought.

Sleep trial

 After a 120-night trial, your body will adapt to the Layla mattress. Layla mattresses are available for up to four years.

Return Policy

 Layla helps you give away your Layla mattresses to charity

Layla Vs Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid has support layers which differ from Layla Hybrid. Layla Hybrid features support coils while Layla Hybrid includes base foam. Both mattresses are slow and bouncy. feel.

Layla Hybrid mattresses have some advantages over Layla. Layla Hybrids support layer is made of coils. It’s more comfortable than Layla and also more supportive and sturdy. Layla Hybrids are also more expensive.

 Hybrid mattresses from Layla are great for sleepers who are medium or light weight and hot sleepers.

Layla vs. Casper

Both Layla and Casper come with all foam mattresses. But, they differ in several ways. The Layla is able to be turned over however the Casper can’t. Furthermore the Casper has a zoned construction and the Layla isn’t. The Layla’s level of firmness differs from the Casper’s. It is firmer than the Casper. However, the Casper is more balanced in its memory foam feeling.

These distinctions create Casper and Layla more attractive to various types of people.

Layla Mattress FAQs

Let us know if you have any questions about Layla’s mattress.

Is Layla a good mattress?

The Layla is an excellent mattress in our opinion, but that all depends on what the customers are looking for. The Layla is a fantastic choice for those looking for a slow-moving, memory foam feel with two firmnesses. The Layla is not the best choice for those who likes the memory foam feel.

How much time does it take Layla mattresses to expand?

Layla is a box-shaped mattress that can be used to create a bed. Layla will expand fully in between 24 and 48 hours.

Does the mattress of Layla too hot for you to sleep on.

Layla is a memory foam, and it entraps heat. The cover has a cooling Thermogel. These components should keep the mattress from becoming too hot.

The Layla mattress be used in conjunction with the boxspring?

Do you have to use a boxspring for your Layla mattress? No. Layla mattresses can be used on any foundation.

Can Layla Mattress ship internationally?

 Layla Mattress ships Canada for free.