Layla Mattress Tracking

Reviewers are provided with free products. You can earn a commission for any purchases made via our affiliate programs. We invite you to read our disclaimer page. Memory foam is becoming more sought-after. The Internet is filled with memory foam mattresses. There are hundreds of results.

Layla memory foam mattress is as one of the most highly rated and innovative. It can be flippable , and can be used with two different firmnessesVisit this link to read the complete Layla mattress review.

Layla Mattress Overview

The Layla’s flippability is well known. It comes with two sides: a soft side to ease pressure, and a firmer side to support. It’s also a memory-foam mattress with unique cooling characteristics.

 Layla’s mattress is comfortable and supportive in all positions

The Layla is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfy and comfortable mattress.

Side sleepers who require extraordinary pressure relief for the shoulder and hips.

People who appreciate the classic memory-foam feeling that allows them sink in

People looking for memory foam, but are concerned about overheating during nights.

People who prefer an average-firm mattress

People who need more support

People who don’t like to sink too much in their mattresses.

 Layla also has hybrid models available for those who don’t want memory foam. 

Layla Mattress Comfort and Firmness

 Layla is unique in the sense that it can turn and provide two firmness levels at the same time

How Firm is the Layla Mattress?

The Layla’s soft side features an incredibly thick layer of memory foam. It is 6/10.

Layla Mattress

When we first lie down on the Layla’s soft surface the hips sinking into it. The soft side of the Layla does not provide enough support for the spine or lumbarSide sleeping on this Layla side is much more comfortable. We feel almost no pressure in our hips or shoulders. It’s actually one of the most comfortable mattresses to relieve neck and shoulder discomfort. Stomach sleep: The Layla’s soft side is too soft, and it doesn’t offer sufficient support for our hips or the rest of our bodies.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs -130 lbs

Layla’s soft side is more comfortable for those who are average weight back. However, they will still receive adequate support from their soft side.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Layla mattresses shouldn’t be used by those who weigh more than normal back sleepers. Layla mattresses must provide the right balance of support and comfort. If you have a larger stomach the firm side might not be enough.

Layla Mattress Construction

 Let’s examine Layla and find out how they affect the mattress. Each layer will be examined in isolation.


Layla mattresses are upholstered with soft covers on both sides. Thermogel is an heat dissipating product that is incorporated into the mattress. This will keep the mattress’ top cool.

Comfort Layers

Layla mattresses are easily flippable. They feature comfort layers both at the top and bottom. There’s no convoluted supportive foam.

Mattress Height

Layla mattress is 10 inches high.

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Layla Mattress Performance

 Layla mattresses were testedSee the results.


The Layla mattress is made of foam. It’s heating up faster than hybrid and innerspring mattresses.

Motion Transfer

The mattress of Layla was able to withstand motion transfer better that any other mattress. The water didn’t cause any issuesBut the firm side on the Layla mattress created more problems but not enough that it was a problem.

Edge Support

The Layla mattress is made up of all foam and does not provide much edge support. The mattress is prone to be quite unstable as you sit on its soft side. It doesn’t fall as much when you sit on the hard side. However, it’s not a comfortable feeling to be secure lying on Layla mattresses.


Layla mattresses feature top-quality foam layers. They are expected to last for 7-10 Years.


 The initial mattress off-gassing was when the Layla mattress was taken from its containerAfter placing it in a room that was ventilated for two weeks and then the mattress had gone completely.


 Layla makes very low noises when it’s being movedLayla mattresses that are all-foam do not have this problem.


A mattress used for sexual activity must be buoyant and responsive. Layla mattresses are also very flexible, since they are made of soft memory foam.

Layla Company policies

Are you tired of your current mattress? Layla will go over the Layla policies to assist you in making a decision about whether or not to purchase an entirely new mattress.

Sleep trial

 Layla mattresses are able to adapt to your body shape over a 120-night periodLayla mattresses can last up to four months.

Return Policy

 Layla can help you donate your Layla bed to charity in the event that it isn’t your style within 2 weeks. 

Layla Vs Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid and Layla Hybrid are distinct in the support layers they have. Layla Hybrid’s support layer is distinct from those of the Layla Hybrid’s. Layla Hybrid contains support coils, while Layla Hybrid contains base foam. Both mattresses have a slow, bouncy feel.

Layla Hybrid mattresses have some advantages over Layla. Layla Hybrid contains coils within its support layer which make it more breathable. Layla Hybrid, however it is more expensive.

 Hybrid mattresses from Layla are great for light and medium-weight sleepers as well as hot sleepers.

Layla vs. Casper

Both the Layla and Casper come with all foam mattresses. But the Layla and Casper differ in many ways. While the Casper can be turned upside down, it cannot. Caspers have zones. Laylas, however, are more firm than the Casper. It’s more rigid in memory foam than the Casper.

These distinctions make the Layla and Casper ideal for different kinds of. The Layla is the better option for those who sleep on their sides or who like to lie down on their mattressesSleepers who combine as well as those who prefer lying on top of their mattresses are advised to consider the Casper.

Layla mattress FAQs

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about the Layla mattress.

Is Layla a good mattress?

The Layla mattress is excellent we thinkBut it’s all about the needs of the client.

How long does it take for Layla mattress to expand?

Layla is a box-shaped mattress that can be used to create for a bed. Layla will expand to its fullest within 24 to 48 hours.

Is the Layla mattress hot enough to sleep on?

Layla, a memory-foam mattress is a mattress that traps the heat. The cover is made by a cooling thermogel. These materials should stop the mattress from getting too warm.

Does the Layla mattress compatible with a box spring?

You do not need an additional boxspring in order to use the mattress. Layla mattresses can be placed on any foundation.

Can Layla Mattress ship internationally?

 Layla Mattress ships Canada without an additional charge