Layla Mattress Recommendations

Free products are given to us to review. We are provided with complimentary products to test. Memory foam is gaining popularity. It is possible to search the Internet to locate memory foam mattresses. There are many results.

Layla memory foam mattress is among the best-rated and modern. It’s simple to turn and can be utilized with two different levels of firmness.

Layla – Mattress Overview

Layla’s flippability is well-known. It features a soft side that provides great pressure relief and a firmer side that offers excellent support. The Layla isn’t just a flippable novelty. It’s also a memory foam mattress with unique cooling characteristics.

 Layla mattresses offer a variety of sleeping optionsLayla customers want convenience and assistance.

The Layla is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfy and soft mattress.

Side sleepers who need extraordinary pressure relief for their hips as well as shoulders

People who appreciate the classic memory foam feel of.

People who are interested in memory foam, but are concerned about it overheating during the night.

People who like mattresses that are medium firm.

People who are stomach sleepers with heavier weights and need support

People who don’t want to sink too deeply into their mattress

Layla also offers hybrid mattresses for those who feel that memory foam is not your preference. To learn more, take a look at our Layla Hybrid mattress review.

Layla Mattress Firmness, Feel

Layla’s mattress is unique because it can be flippable and offers two firmness levels within one. Let’s look at the Layla mattress from both sides, what the firmness of their mattress is, and how they feel.

How Firm Is the Layla Mattress?

The Layla is an extra thick layer over the the soft side with memory foam. It is 6/10.

Layla Mattress

Our hips sink down into soft side of the Layla when we first begin to sleep back on it. The Layla’s soft side provides more support. There is almost no tension in our shoulders, hips, or the hips.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs -130 lbs

Layla’s firm side makes it more comfortable for those who sleep on their backs. They can still get enough support from the soft side.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Layla mattresses are recommended by heavier back sleepers. Layla mattresses must provide an equilibrium between support and the comfort. The firmer side may not offer enough support for larger stomachs.

Layla Mattress Construction

 Let us look closer at Layla’s mattress materials to determine how they affect the mattress experience. 


Layla mattresses are upholstered with soft cover on both sides. They’re coated with Thermogel which is a dissipating heat-absorbing material. This will keep the mattress’s top cool.

Comfort Layers

The Layla mattress can be flipped and features comfort layers on the top and the bottom. The soft side of the Layla has 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam and 2 inches of convoluted support foam. Copper infusion is antimicrobial and prevents the heat in the memory foam from accumulating. The mattress’s convoluted support foam permits air circulation. The Layla features 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam on the hard side. There is no convoluted supporting foam.

Mattress Height

Layla mattresses measure 10 inches tall.

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Layla Mattress Performance

We test the Layla mattress through the test and measured its cooling and motion transfer. Check out the results of our tests using Layla!


 The Layla all-foam mattress will feel hotter than innerspring, hybrid, or hybrid mattresses. The Thermogel and copper infusions on the Layla will draw heat away from the sleeping surface to keep the mattress’s surface cool

Motion Transfer

The mattress of the Layla handled motion transfer well. The water was not a problem. The more firm part of the Layla Mattress caused more disturbances but not enough that it became a huge issue.

Edge Support

Layla mattresses have an all-foam construction and don’t provide enough edge support. The Layla mattress doesn’t feel very solid and secure.


Layla mattresses are made of premium foam layers. They will last between 7 and 10 Years.


 The first time that a mattress was off-gassing happened after the Layla mattress was taken from its containerAfter placing it in a room that was ventilated for 48 hours it was removed completely.


 Layla is very silent when moving aroundLayla all-foam mattresses are not affected by this issue.


People who use a mattress as a sex platform for pleasure would like it to be fluid and responsive. Because it is made of soft memory foam, the Layla mattress might not be the most comfortable.

Layla Company Policy

Are you getting sick of your current mattress? Layla will help you determine whether it is time to replace your mattress.

Sleep trial

 After a trial of 120 nights the body will get used to the Layla mattress. Layla mattresses are available for up to four years.

Return Policy

 Layla allows you to give away your Layla mattresses to charities

Layla Vs Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid as well as Layla Hybrid have different support layers. Layla Hybrid and Layla Hybrid have distinct support layers. Layla Hybrid comes with support coils, while Layla Hybrid comes with base foam. They both have a slow moving feeling.

Layla Hybrid offers some advantages over Layla mattress. Layla Hybrid includes an additional layer of support that is made up of coils. This allows it to be more breathable and comfortable than Layla.

Layla mattresses are perfect for sleepers who weigh light or moderately, as well as those who do not have to contend with hot sleeping. Layla Hybrid mattresses are ideal for big individuals and hot sleepers.

Layla vs. Casper

Both the Layla (all-foam) and Casper (all-foam) both have these mattresses. But, they differ in a variety of ways. The Layla is able to be turned over and the Casper isn’t able to. Additionally there is a difference in the Casper has a zoned construction however the Layla does not. The Layla’s firmness differs from that of the Casper’s. It has a firmer side that the Casper. The Layla is more typical in terms of memory foam than the Casper and the Casper is more well-balanced.

These distinctions make the Layla and Casper better for different types. The Layla is a superior choice for people who prefer to sleep on their side or who like to lie down on their bedsCombination sleepers as well as those who prefer to lie on top of their mattresses should consider the Casper.

Layla mattress FAQs

Questions about the Layla mattress are welcome.

Is Layla a good mattress?

The Layla is a great mattress, in our opinion but that all depends on what the customers want. The Layla is a great option for those looking for a slow-moving, memory foam feeling with two different firmnesses. The Layla might not be the right choice for someone who prefers a comfort of memory foam.

What is the number of days it take to create a Layla bed grow?

Layla is a box-shaped mattress that can be used to create for a bed. Layla takes between 24 and 48 hours for it to expand completely.

Do you feel hot when you lay on the mattress of Layla?

Layla, a memory-foam mattress, traps the heat. The cover is made by a cooling thermogel. These materials should prevent the mattress from becoming too hot.

Does the Layla mattress compatible with the box spring?

Do you need a boxspring on your Layla mattress? No. Layla mattresses can be placed on any foundation.

Can Layla Mattress ship internationally?

 Layla Mattress ships internationally to Canada for an additional fee.