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We receive complimentary products to test. Affiliate programs let us be compensated for purchases made through our linksWe invite you to visit our disclosures page. Memory foam is now more popular than ever before. Search the Internet for mattresses made of memory foam to get hundreds of results.

The Layla memory foam mattress is among the most sought-after and innovative. It can be flippable and be used in two different firmnessesFor a complete Layla mattress review, click here.

Layla mattress overview

The Layla is well-known for its flippability. It comes with a soft surface that provides great pressure relief, and a more firm side that gives an excellent amount of support. The Layla isn’t just a flippable novelty. It is also a memory bed with distinct cooling features.

 Layla mattress has many features and is suitable for multiple sleeping positions. Layla customers prefer the comfort and support of just one side.

The Layla mattress is perfect for those seeking the most firm, yet comfortable, mattress.

Side sleepers who require exceptional pressure relief for their shoulders or hips

People who love traditional memory foam feeling that allows them to feel like they are sinking into

People who are looking for memory foam but are concerned about heating in the evening.

People who enjoy the comfort of a mattress that is medium firm

People with heavier stomachs who need more assistance

People who prefer to not sink too deep into their mattress

 Layla also produces hybrid mattresses, in case you don’t like memory foam

Layla Mattress Softness and Feel

 Layla offers a unique mattress that can be flippable. It also comes with two firmness levels

How Firm are the Layla Mattresses?

The Layla has an extremely thick layer on top of its soft side, which is memory foam. It’s 6/10.

Layla Mattress

We feel that our hips sink down into Layla’s soft side as we begin to lie down on it. It doesn’t offer the right support for the lumbar region or general supportSleeping on a comfortable Layla side is more comfortable. There is almost no tension on our hips or shoulders.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs -130 lbs

The firm side of Layla makes it more comfortable for people who lie on their backs. Still, they will get adequate support from the soft side.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Layla mattresses are preferred by back sleepers who are heavier. Layla mattresses must provide the right balance of support and ease of use. If your stomach is heavier, the firm side might not be sufficient.

Layla Mattress Construction

 Let’s look at Layla’s materials and the way they affect your mattress experience


Layla mattresses feature an incredibly soft cover that is affixed to both sides. They’re coated with Thermogel which is a material that disperses heat. This will help keep the mattress’ top cool.

Comfort Layers

The Layla mattress can be flipped and has comfort layers at the top and bottom. The Layla’s soft side has 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam as well as two inches of convoluted support foam. Copper infusions are antimicrobial and keeps the heat of memory foam from accumulating. The mattress’ convoluted support foam permits air circulation. The Layla includes 1 inch of memory foam that is copper-infused on the more firm side. There’s no convoluted foam support.

Mattress Height

Layla mattresses measure 10 inches high.

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Layla Mattress Performance

 Layla mattress went through the testingYou can see the results below.


The Layla mattress is all foam. It heats up quicker than hybrid and innerspring mattresses.

Motion Transfer

The Layla mattress was able to stand up to motion transfer better that any other mattress. The water didn’t cause any problemsBut, the firm side of the Layla mattress was a bit more problematic but not enough that it caused any problems.

Edge Support

Layla mattresses are all foam. This means that they don’t offer much edge support. The Layla mattress doesn’t feel comfortable when seated in this manner.


Layla mattresses have high-quality foam layers. They should last between 7 and 10 years.


 The Layla mattress was removed from its packaging, it immediately off-gassedWe placed the mattress in a ventilated room for up to 48 hours.


 Layla has very low noises when it’s being transportedLayla mattresses that are made of all-foam don’t have this issue.


Mattresses used by those who want to sex need something flexible and buoyant. Because it’s made of soft memory foam, the Layla mattress isn’t the most responsive.

Layla Company policies

Are you getting tired of your mattress? Layla’s policies can make it easier for you to find a replacement.

Sleep trial

 Layla mattresses will feel more comfortable after a test lasting 120 nightsLayla mattresses last up to four months.

Return Policy

Layla will help you give the Layla mattress to charity if you don’t like it within two weeks. After submitting the documentation, you will receive a refund for your Layla mattress.

Layla Vs Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid has support layers that are different from Layla Hybrid. Layla Hybrid’s support layers are distinct from those of the Layla Hybrid’s. Layla Hybrid contains support coils, and Layla Hybrid contains base foam. Both have a slow-moving feeling.

Layla Hybrid mattresses have some advantages over Layla. Layla Hybrid has an extra layer of support which is comprised of coils. This makes it more comfortable and supportive than Layla.

Layla mattresses are great for sleepers who weigh light or moderately and also for those who do not have to struggle with hot sleeping. Layla Hybrid mattresses are great for large people as well as hot sleepers.

Layla vs. Casper

Both the Layla, and Casper come with an all-foam mattress. However, they differ in the sense that the Layla is able to be turned while the Casper cannot. Caspers have a zoned construction but Laylas don’tThe Layla’s firmness, on the other hand differs from that of Caspers. It is more firm in memory foam than the Casper.

These distinctions create Casper and Layla more suitable for various types of people.

Layla mattress FAQs

We’re more than willing to answer any questions you might have regarding the Layla mattress.

Is Layla a good mattress?

The Layla is a great mattress. However, it all depends upon what customers are seeking.

What is the time it takes for an Layla Mattress to expand?

Layla is described as a bed inside a mattress. Layla will take 24 to 48 hours to fully expand.

Layla mattresses are a treat for sleeping on.

Layla is a memory-foam mattress so it will trap the heat. The memory foam mattress includes a copper infusion and the cover is A cooling Thermogel. These materials will prevent the mattress from getting too hot.

Does the Layla mattress compatible with a box spring?

Do you have to use a boxspring for the Layla mattress? No. Layla mattresses are able to be positioned on any foundation.

Can Layla Mattress ship internationally?

Layla Mattress ships to Canada at an additional cost.