Layla King Mattress

Layla Hybrid is made up of layers of copper-infused memory foam and springy pocketed coils.

These specifications sound fantastic, but do they make for a comfortable mattress? I will review its construction and feel as well as how it slumbers.

Layla King Mattress

To whom would I recommend Layla Hybrid mattress?

The bed is ideal for couples because it absorbs motion well. This allows for peaceful sleep even when your partner moves around in the bed. You can also spread out all the way to feel supported.

The mattress is suitable for back/side and side sleepers. Average weight back sleepers who are average in weight will feel supported and comfortable on the firm side. A flippable mattress can be customized to suit your needs.

To determine which side you prefer, you can flip the Layla Hybrid so that you can compare both sides.

I don’t recommend the Layla Hybrid mattress.

Stomach sleepers might find the mattress too soft on both sides. Stomach sleepers typically need a firm mattress that supports their bodies enough to align their hips with their shoulders.

Although the memory foam mattress’s sinkage can be offset by the mattress’ pocketed coils, the mattress is not strong enough to support heavy sleepers who weigh more than 300 lbs.

How Firmly Is The Layla Hybrid Mattress

Firmness is subjective, just like other feel factors. My preference is to sleep on my stomach. I tested it, and they gave me a rating.

Layla Hybrid has two firmness options, so you can choose the right support level for you. After examining the Layla Hybrid, I decided to give both its firm and soft sides a 5/10.

The Layla’s firm side provided me with the support I needed to move around and change positions quickly. Although the Layla’s soft side gave me pressure relief at my hips, shoulders and hips the firm Layla side allowed me to sink in the mattress. This is a great advantage for people who like the soft foam but don’t like the feeling of being stuck in bed.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Performance

While firmness is a great characteristic, it is not the only thing to look at when buying a mattress. I did a number of tests to get a better idea of the Layla Hybrid’s performance. I tested how the mattress performed in various sleeping positions and how it felt under pressure. It also evaluated how it would be for couples sharing the mattress.

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is tested in a variety of sleeping positions

Different sleeping positions and different weights require different levels of support. Light sleepers generally don’t need as much support than heavy sleepers. Check out the Layla Hybrid mattress’s performance for different weights.

The Layla Hybrid is a good mattress for light sleepers (under 130 lb).

Light Back Sleepers – Light back sleepers feel that mattresses are a bit firmer than they advertise, so the soft side is my recommendation. The soft build should cause some sinkage. They will feel the mattress contour to your lower back. This can help relieve pressure.

Side Sleepers With Light Weights – Side sleepers with light shoulders and hips will love this mattress. It molds to their bodies, reducing pressure on their hips and shoulders.

Light Stomach Sleepers – The Layla’s firm side should be comfortable for light stomach sleepers. These sleepers should feel a “floating” sensation above the bed.